Nu in de kleine zaal

Federico Murgia

Federico Murgia is één van de recente aanwinsten in het ledenbestand van De Vishal. In de Kleine Zaal presenteert hij van 7 juli tot en met 5 augustus één van zijn werken:

‘Sound Hole 2.0’

2017, Multimedia sculpture
Speaker, amplifier, led light, plexiglass, polystyrene balls, Arduino board, H80 x W20 x D20 cm.

Minimalism and reduction… one of the first things the viewer notices when looking at the works of Federico Murgia. Owing to the tradition of conceptual, abstract artists, such as Sol LeWitt and La monte Young, the native Sardinian (born 1989) places great importance on what is essential: lines, symbols, markings, the contrast of black and white. He manages to create rhythmical images through  classic techniques, such as graphic reproduction or drawing, and furthermore creates sculptures or technically complex light and sound installations.